Introducing Bossa

Introducing the new, vertically structured surface BOSSA – real wood front in walnut veneer. Protruding, linear ridges give the veneer distinct dimension and highly expressive character.⁠ Combined here with new ceramic KERA cabinetry, backsplash, and worktop – for an architectural statement that makes no compromises.⁠

Moving Forward Together

Our designers and team continue to be hard at work and available to serve you.⁠—⁠Our factory and transport continue to be fully-operational with standard lead times.⁠—⁠Reach us by phone at 713.622.7440 or send us a note for a remote consultation, complimentary estimate, and visuals for your upcoming project.

Architecture + Kitchen | Austin

All homes have a heart and almost always the kitchen is that heart. Blending rather than dominating is one of the most important aspects of kitchen design so that the kitchen becomes integrated into the fabric of the whole home. The Skyline Residence is a contemporary spec house designed by Dick Clark Architecture. The site…